Arthur Bear

Arthur Bear

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Update on Arthur

Here's some uplifting news about sweet baby Arthur. He was home for two wonderful days. he played with his older sister Aurora, and rode in the red wagon to the Community Plate to see everyone at his mommy's work. He played ball, he even did a little climbing on the climber in the backyard. He also played with a giant teddy bear his Great Auntie Nancy gave to him. He said several times "Arthur's happy."Everyone was so happy to see his spirits up.

He is now up at Doernbecher's having his third round of chemo. The Doctor is still trying to figure out why he is not able to process his food when he is off chemo. For those of you who don't know Arthur has been eating about 2 tablespoons of food a day, which is a very small portion. The Doctor's tried a feeding tube, but so far with little success. The Doctor was thinking about the possibility of Arthur having an allergic reaction to something in his feeding mixture. We are all hoping and praying that Arthur will start eating and build up his strength.

Please keep Arthur in your heart and in your prayers.
Thank you so much,
The Blankenship Family

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