Arthur Bear

Arthur Bear

Friday, March 16, 2012

Update on Arthur !!

On March 14 Arthur had to  undergo an unscheduled surgery. The surgery was done due to an infection that developed around his port, due to his inability to fight off any infections at this time. The Doctor made several attempts to implant the port in his arm with no luck. Doctors ended up placing his port on the side of his neck. Sweet Arthur is in a lot of pain due to this surgery . He is still struggling to regain the health he so desperately needs now. The family asks that we all stay strong in prayers for Arthur. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thank You

The family wants to send out a big THANK YOU ! to all our hard working friends at Cielo Blu.
The Spaghetti dinner fundraiser for Arthur went above and beyond what any one had imagined. This little boy and his family couldn't do it with out you. 
(please make sure you look at previous post to read about Arthur's present condition)

70 Days

 It took 70 days for Arthur to regain the health he needed to to get the recent round of chemo. The chemo lasted 5 days and on the first day of his chemo his blood count plummeted. Arthur's chemo started Feb 27th and ended on March 2. To this day he is still in the hospital not well enough to go home. The doctors have found 3 different viruses in his body. Arthur has a skin rash that the doctors don't know much about. The rash could be a reaction to the barrage of antibiotics he is on at this time.
The family is still thankful and holding on to all the prayers and thoughts being sent their way.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Some Good News about Arthur

Today Arthur went to the doctors and didn't need a blood transfusion for the first time in 45 days. This means that his body is starting to produce bone marrow on its own. He's producing marrow but still not enough of it to start chemotherapy again. Arthur's treatment was scheduled to be completed at the end of February 2012, but his health has been so bad, he may not be completing treatment until May or June of 2012.
The family still has money from the fundraising done in 2011, but it will be running out in a few months.
Please join us to help out at the Spaghetti dinner fundraiser for Arthur
which will be held at Cielo Blu 119 W Main St Carlton, OR 503-852-6200
on February 20th at 4:30PM-7:00PM

Please send Healing Thoughts and Prayers to Arthur
Thank you all,
The Blankenship Family

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Prayers for Arthur

Arthur, Sweet Arthur needs all the prayers he can get right now. Over the last thirty days Arthur has been in and out of the hospital. The times he's been in the hospital he's had a fever and a virus which the Doctors are trying to treat. He also has a low white blood count they are trying to raise.

Brie and Arthur were admitted to Legacy on Thursday. Friday Arthur became very ill. He started vomiting and having diarrhea simultaneously. His blood pressure dropped and he was having trouble breathing. Around 6:00 PM he was rushed into ICU. On Saturday around noon Arthur was moved back to his room, still on oxygen.

Arthur is doing better and the Doctor's still don't know what caused this. Some speculated that the many different antibiotics he has been on may have caused this reaction, but he is still not out of the woods. They are still keeping a close eye on out sweet baby boy. Please know the family still needs your support and prayers.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Up Date on Arthur

Hi I wanted to let every one know about Arthur's new location for care and his condition at this time.
Arthur is now going to Legacy Emanuel Children's Hospital in Portland Oregon. The last time Arthur received chemo was 30 days ago. Most of the time Arthur is scheduled to receive chemo every two weeks. At this time the Doctors are waiting as his blood counts have been to low to start any new chemo. He was taken to Emanuel today with a fever. Most likely he will be coming home tomorrow as he is still not well enough to receive treatment. Arthur has been through so much pain with the treatments non stop digestive problems and his struggle to gain weight and strength. Not a night has gone by in 7 months, that the family hasn't had to get up with Arthur to attend to Arthur's pain and multiple diaper changes.This is just a glimpse of the struggles the family faces every day. They know that with out all the wonderful support they would not be able to provide the care their sweet little Arthur's needs.
Thank you for keeping Arthur and family close in prayer, as always staying strong in the healing power of prayer, Arthur and Family