Arthur Bear

Arthur Bear

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Up Date on Arthur

Arthur's surgery went well! Doctors were able to get the tumor out of his arm bone. The surgery lasted 8 hours. They took a bone from his leg and replaced the one in his arm with it. Arthur was in a lot of pain the first 2 days after the surgery. His pain is starting to subside as new pain medicines helped. Arthur's arm is in a full cast and his leg is wrapped, Arthur also came home today. He got home around 4:00 pm.
Arthur still has healing to do and Brie and Jerome are having a hard time keeping him off his leg, as he would like to start walking.
Staying strong by believing in the powerful medicine of prayer.
 Arthur & family

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pray for Arthur

Friends and Family,
Arthur is scheduled for surgery at 5:30 AM tomorrow. This will be a 5-6 hour surgery, and he can use all of the positive thoughts and prayers that you can send him.
Thank you,
The Blankenships

Arthur Fights The Dragon

At the Arthur Fights The Dragon Fundraiser there was....

The best darn BBQ this side of Yamhill County
pictured below Scott Cunningham from Community Plate resteraunt in Mcminnville, OR

 Wonderful and festive music!
Pictured below Chris and Ben Fox of Missing Peace

    Lee Littlewood straight from Portland working on
Wine Country mural to be auctioned off for fundraiser. People who also contributed to the mural; Pete Mckearan, Jorgen Nelson, and Gerald Blankenship.

By Marianna, professional makeup artist! and also Jeanie painted faces too. Thanks ladies!

Festive Children's Corner
Trina with baby Lila

The lovely ladies of the bake sale!
Thanks so much for the goodies.

Giant fun bubbles.. compliments of Uncle Wayne!

More of the fantastic mural! :) Pete and Jorgen pictured below.

Silent Auction! Lots of wine and fine art!
Thank you so much Annette Madrid and Nancy Blankenship.

Fundraiser Raises $8,322!!!!!

The fundraiser exceeded all expectations. It couldn't have been done without the help of friends, family and the community. Arthur was even feeling well enough to make a nice long appearance. He got to visit with some family and friends. Pictured below he's in his daddy's arms and below that he's with his mom, saying hello to two friendly children. The little boy with the spiked hair, only five years old, pictured below with Arthur raised  some money to help Arthur.
Thank you from Arthur Blankenship and family
                            Baby Arthur with his father, Jerome Blankenship
                                                    Artie with mom and friends.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Arthur at event ! , MAYBE ?

Arthur's blood count is staying up, so it looks like he may be able to attend some of the event.
We are all hoping to see are sweet baby boy, if all goes well. Keeping in mind that Arthur has limited energy so the family has no idea when or how long he will attend.  A reminder, any child or adult that has a cold will be doing Arthur a service to keep your distance. It is vital that Arthur stay well.Thank you
Staying strong believing in the powerful medicine of prayer.
 Arthur & family

Friday, August 5, 2011

News From The Hospital

 As we all know Arthur came home on July 31. The whole family arrived home some time around 2 AM. It takes a lot of time and planning to make a move like this, but it is well worth it. Artur has been sleeping a lot this time as this round of chemo is very aggressive. He was not doing well with his feeding tube as the formula was too strong for him.
Arthur had a check up yesterday. The check up started at around 9am and ended at 7pm. The first part of the appointment was blood tests and talking about how the feeding tube was going. He then headed in for a MRI of his tumor that took two hours. During this MRI they found a light coloration in his shoulder bone that caused the doctors to be concerned. The Doctor is saying that it could be a lightening of the area due to a drug they give Arthur to fortify his bone. The Doctor also said the cancer could have moved. Arthur was then taken in for his 6th blood transfusion as his white blood count was down. The good news is he was sent home and given some new formula to try out that may prove to be easier for him to digest. Arthur will be back some time next week for more tests on his shoulder.
Arthur and Family are staying strong believing in the powerful medicine of prayer.

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