Arthur Bear

Arthur Bear

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Arthur is comming home tonight

It is 8:00 pm and if all go's well Jerome and Brie will be bring Arthur home.Arthur is so much more happy at home and sleeps better in his own bed.
Keep sending your prayers as Arthur will be closely monitored for any signs of fever or illness. Either one of these can send him back to the Hospital.
Always believing in the powerful medicine of prayer. Arthur and Family

Friday, July 29, 2011

Arthur Spirits Are Up

As aunt Windy put it he is in good spirits.Yesterday aunt Debbie and Grandma Maria went up for a visit , Arthur was hard to keep up with, as he just wanted to keep walking and playing in the play room. Today he is having a test on his heart. The test is to determine weather he can have his next round of therapy. This chemo has a strong effect on the heart, that is why his heart needs to be working well.
Staying strong & positive in the healing power of prayer

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Out of the woods

It looks like Arthur is out of the woods so to speak. Last night the fear was the he may need to be transported to ICU if his blood pressure didn't rise and the bleeding around the incision did stop. Arthur and family had a ruff night but Arthur is slowly but surly coming around. He was on a morphine drip and has been changed to oxiecodon a little less aggressive pain med.
Thank you for all the wonderful offers to help and prayers, we will keep you all posted.
 Arthur and Family

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rushing to Arthur

Jerome just called and said Arthur's incision is bleeding and his blood pressure is low . He is rushing up to be with him and Bire.
Please keep them all in prayer.

In the arms of mommy

Arthur has come out of surgery, he is doing well in the arms of his mommy. After a long stretch at the Hospital with Arthur, dad is home with Aurora. They are so relieved to hear that Artur is doing well tonight.
The family is so very grateful for all the prayers coming their way for Arthur as well as them.
Thank you, many blessings are sent your way. 

Keep Arthur close in your prayers and thoughts

Arthur is scheduled for his operation to day at 3:50. The doctors say his white blood count is up enough to do the operation. The hope here is that all is well with the operation and that he starts gaining the vital weight he needs.
 Still holding strong to the powerful medicine of prayer.
Arthur & Family

Saturday, July 23, 2011


  Arthur Fights the Dragon
       Saturday August 13,2011
           Time: 2:00 to 10:00
At : 11835 NE Fin Hill Loop Carlton OR 97111

                   ~ EVENT DETAILS ~

     $5.00 Per Person ( children under 12 free)
Selling a BBQ Dinner $5.00 a Plate,raffle,Silent auction, Children's activities, Bake sale, Murial to be painted on sight and auctioned,Live music.
Items that will be raffled and or actioned at the event.~Local art work, Local Wine, Massage session, Piano lessons,  furniture, and much more.

                                                      ~   BANDS  ~

Missing Peace ~  SOLVENT ~  Ships to Roam ~ Flickers Attorney           
 ~   Dillon Summer   ~     South Paw Speed way  ~
             ~ Jupiter Satellite ~

What to bring, blanket, sun hat, sunscreen, cooler with food and drinks, chair, umbrella. Do not bring DOGS. Thank You

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Arthur is back in the Hospital

Arthur was rushed back to the Hospital around 5:30 today. He has a fever that wont go down. It is important that Arthur be there where he can be closely monitored.
Always believing in the power of prayer, Arthur's family

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Doctors visit today

Arthur had his check up today to see how he was doing. Arthur has been having a fever so the family prepared for a hospital stay. When they got there his blood test showed that his white blood count was low. The Doctor ordered his 5th blood transfusion. The good news is he is doing well enough now to come home. Just to keep every one informed. One or two blood transfusions during the entire treatment is common  according to the doctors,but Arthur is the exception.. Keep baby Arthur close in your prayers as he, his family and the doctors work to make him well.
The power of prayer is strong medicine.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Arthur Wearing Crown

This is baby Arthur at Grandpa and Grandmas wearing a crown sometime in February 2011

Some history on King Arthur

According to Wace and Layamon, fighting erupted between the nobles over the seating arrangement. Every king and baron wanted to be seated at the head of the table or near King Arthur, so that they would be seen as having precedence over others.
To resolve these problems, Arthur has a large, rounded table constructed. Arthur also has every seated member of the Round Table, served at the same time. The ingenuity of this design, make all the knights equal, regardless if he was a king or a minor baron. Thus, no one would have precedence over others.

How this relates to our sweet Arthur?  We all need to put our egos aside and treat all that care about Arthur as equals. In this way we can work togather for a victory.

Arthur is scheduled for surgery

Today Arthur is home with his family, you should see how happy he is to be there. Arthur will see the Doctor on July 19 to check his blood count and see how he is doing with the nutrition pack at home. Arthur has been sent home with a nutrition pack as he is still having trouble eating enough food. The nutrition pack is not easy to administer and required training. The pack has parts that need to be added before using. There are 4 different compounds that are added each in a varying amount On top of this Arthur's parents will be giving him two shots at home. This is the work L.P.N.'s and RN's do. There is a home health Nurse coming in to check on his nutrition pack to see if it has been administered correctly. It was stated that when Arthur entered the hospital in May his body weight was in the 90th percentile for his height now he is in the 10th percentile for his height. This is why Arthur will be having surgery on July 27 to place a tube in his stomach. The nutrition pack is not recommended for long term use as it is hard on the liver. The prayer that go's out is that Arthur regains his appetite and ability to digest foods. Until then he will need this tube. The family is grateful for all that is being done, on behalf of sweet little Arthur.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pictures of Arthur

The first two pictures are of Arthur in early May at his sister Aurora's 3rd Birthday. This is pre chemo.

The two pictures below are Arthur today, after two months of chemo. He just went in today for his fourth chemo session.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Family and Friends,
Last night at around 7:00PM Arthur's mother and father had to rush him into Dornbecher's as he had a high temperature that would not subside. Arthur's white blood count was very low. So the Doctor ordered a nutrient rich I.V. as well as a blood transfusion. This is Arthur's fourth transfusion and he has just started the first of nine months of treatment.
Please keep him and his family close in loving thoughts and prayers.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Grandma Maria drawing with sidewalk chalk outside of home in Carlton, OR yesterday... a sweet prayer for baby Arthur.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fundraiser on August 13th 2011

On August 13th the Brown family and the Blankenship family are planning a funraiser, which will be on the Brown's property in Carlton, OR. There will be food, live music, auction, and raffle. Look for more details in weeks to come.

Quick Update

Hello Family and friends,

This is just a quick update on Arthur's 4th of July weekend. Mom and Dad are happy to say that Arthur is responding to his new anti nausea medicine. His appetite is starting to come back. Some of his digestive issues seem to have subsided.

Arthur went and saw the Dr. today and they found out that he has lost two pounds, which is not good news. They gave him some new appetite stimulants to try.

Thank you for all of your prayers. We were thankful that the Dr. found that his hydration and blood count was high enough for him to come home. Lets just pray that he'll start gaining the weight he needs.

Love from The Blankenships