Arthur Bear

Arthur Bear

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Up Date on Arthur

Arthur's surgery went well! Doctors were able to get the tumor out of his arm bone. The surgery lasted 8 hours. They took a bone from his leg and replaced the one in his arm with it. Arthur was in a lot of pain the first 2 days after the surgery. His pain is starting to subside as new pain medicines helped. Arthur's arm is in a full cast and his leg is wrapped, Arthur also came home today. He got home around 4:00 pm.
Arthur still has healing to do and Brie and Jerome are having a hard time keeping him off his leg, as he would like to start walking.
Staying strong by believing in the powerful medicine of prayer.
 Arthur & family

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  1. Hurray for this great news! So happy Artie and Jerome are home! When is Artie's next chemo session? LOVE YOU!