Arthur Bear

Arthur Bear

Friday, October 21, 2011

Thank You for your PATIENCE

I have to say sorry about the lack of postings lately. I am working 3 ten hour days and helping with the children on the other days when needed. Arthur came home on Friday the 14th. Arthur, his father and mother went to a TIMBERS game! Arthur loved it, he even got to meet the players on the playing field. Arthur received a child size Timbers soccer ball, that he loves to kick around the house. He loves the Timbers so much that he touches the soccer ball on all the areas that say Timbers on it and says " Timbers, Timbers,Timbers."
Arthur is back in the hospital as of today. Arthur has a fever and a low white blood count. This little boy and his family have been through so much, keep them in your prayers and thoughts.
Staying strong in the healing power of prayer, Arthur and Family

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