Arthur Bear

Arthur Bear

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Prayers for Arthur

Arthur, Sweet Arthur needs all the prayers he can get right now. Over the last thirty days Arthur has been in and out of the hospital. The times he's been in the hospital he's had a fever and a virus which the Doctors are trying to treat. He also has a low white blood count they are trying to raise.

Brie and Arthur were admitted to Legacy on Thursday. Friday Arthur became very ill. He started vomiting and having diarrhea simultaneously. His blood pressure dropped and he was having trouble breathing. Around 6:00 PM he was rushed into ICU. On Saturday around noon Arthur was moved back to his room, still on oxygen.

Arthur is doing better and the Doctor's still don't know what caused this. Some speculated that the many different antibiotics he has been on may have caused this reaction, but he is still not out of the woods. They are still keeping a close eye on out sweet baby boy. Please know the family still needs your support and prayers.

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  1. This is Danielle from Mac PD - I met the Blankenship family over Christmas. Please let Arthur and his family know that he has lots of men and women in blue praying for him right now. We haven't forgotten him, and I am often asked how he is doing. Thank you for the updates.