Arthur Bear

Arthur Bear

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Out of the woods

It looks like Arthur is out of the woods so to speak. Last night the fear was the he may need to be transported to ICU if his blood pressure didn't rise and the bleeding around the incision did stop. Arthur and family had a ruff night but Arthur is slowly but surly coming around. He was on a morphine drip and has been changed to oxiecodon a little less aggressive pain med.
Thank you for all the wonderful offers to help and prayers, we will keep you all posted.
 Arthur and Family

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  1. So WONDERFUL to see Artie today AND Brie! We even saw a smile or two from Arthur! GG (Great Grandma Nadia) was down to visit from Shelton. We got to meet "Huck" (named after Huck Finn) a 17 pound cat that visits and makes the rounds visiting the kids at DB! He sat on Artie's bed, and Artie had a BIG smile AND then asked for soap to wash his hands! His spirit is truly amazing. The doctors (maybe 7) made their rounds, and when they got ready to leave Artie said thank you AND good-bye (I think he was happy to see them leave his room!). I may try to figure out how to post a photo - so you can see Artie with Huck! posted by his LOVING Aunt