Arthur Bear

Arthur Bear

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Arthur is scheduled for surgery

Today Arthur is home with his family, you should see how happy he is to be there. Arthur will see the Doctor on July 19 to check his blood count and see how he is doing with the nutrition pack at home. Arthur has been sent home with a nutrition pack as he is still having trouble eating enough food. The nutrition pack is not easy to administer and required training. The pack has parts that need to be added before using. There are 4 different compounds that are added each in a varying amount On top of this Arthur's parents will be giving him two shots at home. This is the work L.P.N.'s and RN's do. There is a home health Nurse coming in to check on his nutrition pack to see if it has been administered correctly. It was stated that when Arthur entered the hospital in May his body weight was in the 90th percentile for his height now he is in the 10th percentile for his height. This is why Arthur will be having surgery on July 27 to place a tube in his stomach. The nutrition pack is not recommended for long term use as it is hard on the liver. The prayer that go's out is that Arthur regains his appetite and ability to digest foods. Until then he will need this tube. The family is grateful for all that is being done, on behalf of sweet little Arthur.

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